Everything is PR - Take Ownership Of Your Story

Season #1 Episode #4

Today I'm sharing the biggest thing I worked on with all my PR clients: branding yourself as what you want to be. The press and the people in your life will only say and believe things about you that you say and believe about yourself. Participation is mandatory because even if you don't consciously work your projection, the people around you are receiving it and giving it right back to you. Take ownership of your story!

Show Notes:

  • "If you stop doing Sadhana, it will not make you to progress on the spiritual path. And for a while you can get along, but later on your past will catch up and eat you up. Therefore, I request you to re-shape and reformulate yourself and start regrinding yourself so that you may remain polished and shining and beautiful." Yogi Bhajan 1/25/79
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